True Friendship




Friendship is like a relationship with your so called lover. Sometimes it makes you smile,  sad, happy, angry, confused and many other unexpected or expected emotion and mixed feeling. But that is what TRUE friendship made of basically.

You see i have been through quite a conflict with one of my close friends lately and I am telling you the feeling is just uneasy and quite tormenting in a way. Although it took me quite sometimes to settle it but it was totally worth it since their are worth to fight for.

Long story short, if you try to fight for the relationship and it’s worth it then retain but if it’s the other way then leave them eventhough it is quite sad. Despite the great memory and experience if you are the only want who fight for it then the friendship is such a waste of time and it only bring disaster to you.

So think wisely before you take an action on keeping a friendship that is truly worth to have forever.



As I listening to worship songs suddenly it’s appear in my mind that I have Faith! Not going to church every weekend does not mean you do not have faith in GOD or you are a bad person because GOD does not measure our believes in him by counting how many times we go to church or pray.

I believe that GOD look at our faith and trust in him not just when we need him the most but by cherish him in any way and time possible. I always keep in mind that seek for Him in your happiness, sadness, sickness, broken heart, mourning, when you tend to drown in the world of sin, losing yourself and simply at any time!

I well aware that I am not perfect but by thinking and having faith in Him, I know I can always accomplish everything big, small, easy nor hard. So wake up everyday and be thankful and grateful as we have everything  we need for us to survive even sometimes we don’t get what we want. So be patient because GOD will give it at the right time or even something better. GOD BLESS US. AMEN


Be Strong You!!!


STRONG is such a “strong” word yet how strong it is to us? The thing is I always said that I am strong and such but did I mean it or am I really strong!? Well sometimes I lied about it I mean who doesn’t right? but that does not mean you weak. It is just that by saying it sometimes you eventually feel strong after and that is good.

People may see that I am such a strong person ( which is true ) but sometimes I can be insecure and afraid! Afraid of what is depends on my mood swing, it could be afraid about my body or skin or health but the most terrified thing is my FUTURE! I mean how can we not be afraid.

I don’t know where I’m going to end up or live or work or whatever it is and the feeling of it is just so terrifying and for heaven sake I really hope I don’t end up miserable or worst dead. So i just have to suck it up and work my very best to be strong living in this challenging world.



Seriously it is so damn true as it is happening to me now and to my best girlfriend. You see we tried to keep the friendship long-lasting with this few people but well in the end they are the one who always back out.

I have to admit it that it’s quite “sad” but I get to the point where I am no longer care about them. I mean why would I be with those who don’t even trying to make an effort like you do and try to fix it together. It is definitely waste of my time.

All I can say is  ” SCREW YOU ” I don’t need you guys and I mean it as in forever. I’m not saying I’m the good guy and I’m right but in this case I am right and being with them is just going to annoys me more.

So just leave and never ever come back to my life.

True Friends


This quote really gets me since I’ve had said it so many times to myself and to my closest and true friends. You see, I’ve met a lot of people that turn to be my friend, closest friend and BEST friends but some of them turn out to be fake friends ( mostly just friends or worst closest friends ) that are only good in backstabbing and pointing out your faults and make false accusations.

What I’m really curious is why after all of this time they turn to be someone that you really want to strangle and slap or hit them so hard until they can’t stand. What’s even worst is that how hypocrite and immature of them! How can they blame and scold you for something you did not do or something that they expect you to do but you didn’t! WTF!!

So you see sometimes it takes time to see who are your real friends and who aren’t but sometimes you just know. So is it worth it to LOSE them? Yes it is! The quote might says we only learn but for me, lesson learned and it’s time to lose them and stay with those that bring the best in you – not bring you down.

I always keep this in my mind ” it’s way better to have only a few friends or even just ONE friend that is actually genuinely and honest to be your TRUE FRIEND than hundreds or millions of friends that in the end will leave you speechless and throw you like a dirty,unwanted trash.

People, be wise to choose your friends or companion so you won’t regret it in the future. LESSON LEARNED.

What’s with the mind?

So I here I am enjoying my holiday but then the thoughts of thinking about them is just not leaving me. I’m kinda like “why would I even think about them I mean who the hell they are? Am I right? Well it’s all on me and I know it but it’s just that why this thoughts and why them. I really hope that I forget about them like for real. It’s not that they were that “amazing” or worth to think of. I’m the one who is worth it to think of and they should be the one that thinking of me not me. So please stop it

The feeling of wanting it but NAH


So I was like quite in the “dilemma” in wanting to have a “lover” but when I think back I was like the hell! NO. I think I became like this because I spend too much time thinking on something that is not important for me. ( STUPID & CRAZY )

I really need something to distract me from thinking about this shit things. I mean having a lover will be such a burden and a distraction since I’m in the process in loving myself and to establish myself.

TBH I’m kind of feeling a little bit sad since there is a few people who I kinda like looking at but they will not be around anymore since they going to finish their study. Well to think it back it will be a good thing it means less distraction ( they not really distract me ).

All I want to say is there is NO HELL way I want them. It is just a silly thought that I have for a moment there so yeah. I LOVE MYSELF.

Honesty is the best policy



Be honest no matter what because when you lie to others don’t be surprise they will do the same to you. I know it hurts but it’s better we know the truth then knowing it after a months or worst years!

I’m always fond with people who being honest with me because I hate it when people being fake towards me. So be honest because it will make you feel better and when people be honest with you, definitely you will like it.

The conclusion is just be honest. That’s it. Don’t even care if people says that you being to honest because we have the rights to be honest.

Should I feel something?


I know it’s sound stupid but it’s the truth. The photo really define what I’m feeling right now towards someone I have crush on even though he don’t know about it. I actually feel so stupid to have such thoughts and feeling and this is totally not me. I don’t want to have this feeling ever.

So here’s the story behind the photo. I actually not really into this person because the only thing that I think I want is sex and that’s it. I really don’t understand at all why I have the feeling of jealousy(sometimes) when he does something that bothers me. I mean like the hell dude! He does not even know you have crush or whatever kind of thoughts you have towards him.

So how I’m going to handle this sort of stuff is that I hope he does something that makes me don’t like him anymore. Something that is ridiculous for me but makes sense in the end and actually helping me to get over him. Also by not thinking about him anymore like for real.

I also hope that by getting busy and leaving college for break will ease and sort of my way to “move on” from this stupid fantasy.



Memories that last forever



Memory is a thing that no one can ever take it from you no matter what. That is why cherish every moments we have with your FAMILY, FRIENDS & LOVE ONE. Why do we have to do it? Because we will never know when we are going to meet them again in the future.

I never thought that I would be growing up this way where my childhood best friend is already married, my best friends since elementary school studying abroad, my family is growing up, my mum is getting old and me doing what I like and kinda living my life.

Time moves so damn fast that you tend to miss some of the precious moment without knowing it happened. People tend to over think to solve their problem and doing things that are not even important! Yet the moments that’s going to happen, that should be cherish is being ignored.

We will never miss from being hurt and getting disappointed but is it worth it to cry and care about it? Definitely NOT! Spend our precious time and mind with the ones that truly love us the way we love them. Trust me it’s truly worth our time and energy.

Love more, laugh more, be happy more as if it’s going to be our last with them. Don’t even bother with the problems, rejection, disappointment, despair, discrimination and judgement by the haters and all those negativity and bullshit human beings.

Live the life you want and enjoy every moments good or bad as it is going to be the greatest memories in your life you ever had that no one will have. FIN